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  • The cost of the service is $45 and is charged to a credit or debit card.

  • Most insurance plans do not cover this service and the charges will not apply towards your deductible.
  • If your employer or insurance plan has a reduced rate for the MyeVisit service, you may take advantage of that rate by entering a code before you begin the MyeVisit consult.

About MyeVisit

Learn more about MyeVisit, a new way to see a Saint Alphonsus licensed medical professional from the comfort of your home with a smartphone, tablet or computer through the device's video camera.

What Conditions Can Be Treated?

These treatable conditions have been selected because they are the most common conditions treated in our Urgent Care and can be accurately diagnosed with a video visit.

Please visit our FAQ section to see if your condition matches those which we currently treat.

Before You Begin, Please Note



    To enroll you will need a valid email address. Parents must enroll for children under age 18.



    The patient must be in the State of Idaho or Oregon at the time of service.



    You must have a compatible device (computer, tablet or smartphone) with a video camera and adequate internet connection, and VSee downloaded and installed. Click here for additional equipment requirements and information.

Equipment Requirements

Compatible Devices and Operating Systems

Compatible Browsers: Internet explorer 9 to 11, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

*Please note: Windows tablets are currently not supported.